The Bougainvillea

Unveil a Fusion of Luxury and Practicality in Every Square Foot

Embrace the epitome of modern living with the Bougainvillea, our 2,107-square-foot residence, where cutting-edge design meets day-to-day convenience. This architectural marvel boasts three plush bedrooms, two and a half well-appointed bathrooms, and a spacious 2-car garage, setting the stage for a life of unparalleled comfort and style.

But that’s just the beginning. The Bougainvillea offers flexible layout options to suit every lifestyle—transform a space into a sleek home office, a cozy loft, an additional en-suite, or even a fourth bedroom. It’s all about personalizing your sanctuary to reflect your individual desires and dreams.

Are you intrigued by the endless possibilities that the Bougainvillea presents? Dive deeper and explore how this home can be the backdrop to your new luxury lifestyle. Discover more about this exquisite space\.


2,107 square feet

Floor Plan

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